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    Jennifer Love Hewitt's 13 Real-Life Dating Dos and Don'ts

    13 Love Lessons continued...

    Cut the Cocktails. Drinks can make a fun first date, but alcohol can give you a false perception and you may not see the real him. Meet up for coffee or tea first and get to know him, then have drinks on the second date.

    Be Willing to Cut the Cord. If you see the breakup coming -- and let's face it, usually you do -- you'll feel like the ultimate woman when you take action first instead of sitting there, lip quivering, waiting for the call.

    Don't Overplan. The dates Hewitt has enjoyed most have been very loose and unstructured and tend to go on much longer than expected. They're like little adventures.

    If You're Selling It, He'll Buy It. Stop thinking, "He's going to pick her, not me." You're torturing yourself about your looks for other women, not for the guys. If you think you're the most beautiful woman in the room, you are.

    Take off the Rose-Colored Shades. There's no such thing as perfect. It sounds like the most unromantic thing ever, but you want the shoe that gives the least blister.

    Remember the Good Things. Make a list of all your boyfriends. (Wait, don't burn it!) For each one, pick one positive thing they left you in your life. It can make you feel good about what you've gone through to get to the right guy.

    Adapted from the cover story of WebMD the Magazine’s March/April 2010 issue. Read the complete story here.

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    Reviewed on March 18, 2010

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