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    Love Lessons Ripped from the Headlines


    Britney Spears's Chaotic, which followed her romance with K-Fed from its lusty beginnings through their wedding day, sure lived up to its title, but it also could have been called Inappropriate. (Did we really need to hear her rave, "Our sex is soooo good" to a makeup artist?)

    And we've all seen way too many celeb couples gush about each other in interviews -- only to implode months or weeks (even days) later.

    Essentially, the louder a couple shouts their love from the rooftops, the more quickly it seems to disintegrate.

    "Certain things should be kept private, or the relationship will be destroyed," says therapist Gilda Carle, Ph.D., author of Don't Bet on the Prince! Celebs who overshare may believe it brings them closer to their fans, and that might be true -- after all, who doesn't love hearing a sweet proposal story, whether it's from your best friend or your favorite actress?

    But when you lay your heart open to the entire world, there's nothing left that's just for the two of you alone -- something every relationship needs in order to survive.

    So although strangers may not be lining up to read about every twist and turn in your romantic life, you can protect your love by keeping certain things under wraps, just like smart celebrities do. (Think of Julia Roberts or J.Lo, who've both had multiple relationships very publicly fall apart -- but are now enjoying their current loves out of the spotlight.)

    Your girlfriends don't need to know what your guy said in bed last night, and your mom doesn't need the play-by-play of every argument. After all, a relationship is kind of like an amusement park: It's always an adventure, but it's even more fun without the crowds.

    #2: Don't Get Blinded by Romance
    In interviews, Denise Richards used to rave about how then-husband Charlie Sheen showered her with flowers, jewelry, and even Manolo Blahniks, and how she knew on her second date that he was "the one."

    Meanwhile, she dismissed his troubled past -- a drug overdose, a well-publicized association with a certain Hollywood madam -- explaining that she didn't like to have preconceived notions about people because she didn't like it when people had them about her.

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