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    6 Marriage Mistakes Women Make

    Avoiding these 6 things may make for a better marriage.

    5. Not Making Sex a Priority

    Whether it's fatigue or some other reason, many women don't make enough time for sex. That's a serious mistake, say Heitler and Karam.

    "The reality is, what is best for everybody -- for them, their spouse -- is a healthy sex life," says Heitler. "It keeps the family a happy family. And what their kids need more than anything is parents who have a strong, positive bond.''

    Karam says women need to build in time -- and by extension, desire -- to make love with their husbands. "They can't just drop everything and have sex with their husband. It's a product of spending alone time together, building anticipation throughout the week," he says.

    Feeling sexy is a good way to start, and that means a woman must make herself a priority.

    "Generally, if you're a woman, you have to prioritize self-care. If you feel good about yourself, you're probably going to feel sexual," Karam says.

    6. Forgetting to Cherish Their Partner

    Some women get so focused on kids, work, and home that they forget to make the small gestures that go a long way to solidifying their marriage.

    "In healthy relationships, there are dollops of positivity, very frequently doled out," Heitler says. "They can be smiles, eye contact, hugs or touching, verbal comments like 'I agree with that' or 'good point' or even the word 'yes.' Listening, agreement, appreciation, affection -- those all send out positive energy that envelop both people in sunshine."

    Those gestures remind both partners that they like each other, and friendship is at the heart of successful marriages, Karam says. Married people often "operate on out-of-date knowledge of self," he says, leading them away from true appreciation of their partners.

    "It's a myth that a good marriage sustains itself," he says. "It's learning yourself, learning your partner. What you are at 24 is not what you are at 34.''

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    Reviewed on August 22, 2013

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