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More Romance, Please!

Prime Your Bedroom for Passion

Can changing the position of your bed really pump up your love life? Absolutely, says Karen Rauch Carter, feng shui expert and author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. Try some of these tips to get your bedroom ready for romance:

Move your bed. The hottest place for your bed is with the headboard against a solid wall, where you can see the bedroom door to the right or left of your feet: This will make you feel supersecure and allow you to be more playful in bed. The worst is having a bed with no headboard up against a window with your feet pointing toward the door. According to Carter, you'll feel tense, not exactly a romantic frame of mind.

Heat things up with color. "I see a lot of stark-white comforters," says Carter. "It's very clean, but it's cold from a sexual standpoint." Warm colors (reds, oranges and yellows) are more sensual, as are colors similar to your or your husband's skin tone. Ideally, you should have these colors on the bed itself; if you don't want to invest in new bedding, add pillows or a chenille throw in your favorite warm tone.

Clear away clutter. Feng shui experts say that holding on to excess stuff is unhealthy, so any clutter in your bedroom may cause relationship problems. Invite love in by banishing old magazines, work and such from your bedside table and dresser.

Think in pairs. For romantic balance, says Carter, stick to pairs of objects: two matching reading lamps, two nightstands, etc. Symmetrical decorating plays up the harmony, equality and bond between you and your man. Even your artwork should scream soul mate: Go ahead and deck the walls with photos that show the two of you crazy kids having fun together.

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