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No Need to Be a Dating Dud

Romance 101

Who Me? continued...

"I have clients that are therapists, Fortune 500 executives, housewives, homemakers, and retired 75-year-olds," says Karsner, who is engaged. She works on an ad hoc basis for romance emergencies or on an ongoing basis. One coaching session costs $95/hour, but when customers buy three-month packages, they get a discount.


"My married clients are often looking to enhance their marriage by getting to a place where they share their wants, needs, and desires. For single clients, I am a confidant, a cheerleader, and often a kick in the pants to get things going," she says.


"A lot of times, a client will come to me on the cusp of getting out of a relationship that hasn't worked so they can build up the strength to be single again," she says.


Besides dating etiquette, Falzone also helps clients improve their image. "If you come into our office and are missing your bottom set of teeth or your weight is a problem, we set you straight," he says.


They also offer feedback. "Let's say a client who went on a date with another client says: 'Paul is a nice guy, but he dwelled on his last relationship,' then we call Paul and say, 'You may want to refrain from talking about your past relationship next time.'"


So, how do you keep the music playing once you find Mr. or Ms. Right?


Even though she never asks for it, Greg Godek brings his wife of 11 years, Tracy, a hot cup of tea each night before bed.


Godek, a romance lecturer based in Jolla, Calif., and the author of 1,001 Ways to be Romantic, practices what he preaches.


"I try to do something romantic every day," he says. "This is what will sustain you for 50 years in a marriage."


Romance is about being creative and being active, he says. "Wake up tomorrow morning and write 'I love you' on the bathroom mirror with a piece of soap or have dinner in bed," he says.


And, he says, choose customized romance over generic romance.


Sure, flowers, candy and jewelry are romantic, but make gestures that are more specific to your partner, he says. Does she love Barbra Streisand? If so, does she own every disc or movie?


"When you make gestures that are specific for your partner, you say 'I know you; I appreciate you and am taking and action based on it,'" he says.

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