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    No Need to Be a Dating Dud

    Romance 101

    TOP 10 Dating Tips from the experts

    Here's the Top Ten list from dating experts:


    1. Be realistic. "People get disappointed when they are expecting a knight in shining armor on a white horse and he shows up in a Volkswagen," Falzone says.
    2. Get out of the house. "Romance is not going to come knocking on the door," Karsner says. Instead of having coffee at home before work, get coffee in route to the office and try different places.
    3. Don't talk about your ex or yourself too much. "You have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion," Falzone says.
    4. Extend your vacation mindset. "You smile more on vacation and look at strangers, so take that mindset into your everyday workplace and life," Karsner says.
    5. Keep it light. "You don't have to get into deep, dark secrets the first time that you meet," Falzone says.
    6. Break out the good stuff. "Wear your favorite dress or outfit, don't let it sit in your closet," Karsner says. "Make that special occasion now."
    7. If you are really shy, have a cocktail before you go out to loosen yourself up, Falzone says. He does not condone heavy drinking or any drinking among people with alcohol problems.
    8. Sharpen your appreciation skills. "One of the things I end up coaching people on is overcoming a jaded heart," Karsner says. "Be open to possibilities and see the good in everything that comes along."
    9. Treat everyone you date as you would want your brother or sister to be treated, Falzone says.
    10. Keep romance alive. Be creative and active and choose customized romance over generic romance, Godek says.


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