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Promiscuity Differs by Gender

Men and women are hard-wired for short-term sex -- but must we obey our brains?

Using Sex Programming In Your Marriage continued...

"I say to people if you want to keep your long-term relationship exciting, do novel things together," Fisher says. "It does drive up dopamine. It really can help your sex drive."

What kind of new things? Use your imagination.

"Oh, try new things in the bedroom, of course," Fisher laughs. "But it's not just that. People always go to the same places for dinner. Go somewhere new for dinner, for vacation. Wear something new to bed. Pick up a new sport together; learn to ski. Go to new kinds of theatre and to movies. This is why people go on vacations. It creates excitement. It is a way of tricking the brain into states of arousal and sexuality that can keep a marriage well groomed."

As light-hearted as it sounds, this advice isn't simply a means for fun. Your marriage may depend on it.

"If people spent as much time talking about what to do in bed on Saturday morning as they do on where to go on Saturday night, they would elevate the level of their relationships," Fisher says. "You can't treat a person as an old shoe. These days it is easy to divorce. It is easy to be an adulterer. Women are far more independent these days, and there is no disgrace in divorce. Relationships are fragile. Your marriage needs a certain amount of regular massage to keep it in health."


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