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    Putting the 'Man' into 'Romance'

    Keeping Love Alive


    Moderator: You talk about romance all yearin all kinds of interview settings. What's the question you hear the most?

    Michael Webb: Boy! Probably it's 'are you onlypreaching to men'? And in fact my material is for both men and women. Itdefinitely takes two to tango. And women equally need to plan and provideromantic experiences in the relationship. Often the men aren't being romantic becausethey're significant other is not being romantic in return.

    Moderator: Romance and kids go together likemonkeys and peanut butter. How do parents of young children make romance a partof their daily frantic lives?

    Michael Webb: I believe the most importantthing you can do for your children is not giving them a topnotch education, notspending a lot of money on their clothes, and not having a house in the bestneighborhood. What is the single most important thing to consider in rearing achild is to bring him up in a loving family. So planning romantic events withyour loved one should be of the highest priority.

    And yes, because with little children romance often has tobe planned, even if you think that only spontaneity if romantic. Something assimple as setting aside 10 minutes every night to discuss the day over a cup ofhot chocolate can be a romantic experience. Children should certainly witnessromantic encounters between their mother and father; it shouldn't be somethingonly done in private. Otherwise, they will never learn how to be romantic intheir future relationships. They need to know that loving time between mom anddad is very important.

    Moderator: In your experience, does anyoneactually like breakfast in bed?

    Michael Webb: I don't know of many people whodon't like breakfast in bed. It's a very simple, yet sincere way of lettingyour sweetheart know that you'll do things to please them. And don't stop atbreakfast in bed, you can have dinner in bed too. Or lunch outside on the frontlawn. Or on the fire escape, if you live in the city!

    Moderator: Doesn't elaborate bed-eating getmessy?

    Michael Webb: It all depends on how big a slobyou are! You do have to be careful with the sort of food that you prepare. Butyou can go to department stores and buy breakfast bed tables for just a fewdollars. And the ease and cleanup is magnificent.

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