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Putting the 'Man' into 'Romance'

Keeping Love Alive


Michael Webb: I celebrate Valentines Day 365days out of the year. February 14 is not a special occasion for my wife and me.Unfortunately February 14 has become so commercialized it's difficult to letyour true feelings be expressed on a day that has so much expectation attachedto it. In a recent poll that I saw 92% of the people who responded said thatthe amount that was spent on them on Valentine?s Day was irrelevant. They onlycared about the meaning behind the gifts.

Question from GIVEMEURLUV: It seems most of the timedates should be romantic for the girls, but what's a really good way to make itromantic for the GUY?

Michael Webb: To consider what his likes andhis feelings are. Maybe he wants to be an astronaut -- then you could take himto the planetarium. Perhaps he's an outdoorsy type of guy. You can go fishingwith him one weekend. Again, it's most important to ask him questions, to getto know him, and to plan your events around what would make him feel special.

Moderator: That's all the time we have fortoday's chat. Thanks for joining us, and for sending in such great questions!And thanks to Michael Webb for being here!


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