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    Wanna Feel Sexier?

    The Art of Seduction

    Your Personal Top 10 List

    But if you can't imagine thinking that you're the sexiest person in any room -- ever -- it's time to catalog your positive traits. To do this, Biggs says, you have to look at yourself without judging. (Recruit several friends for unbiased feedback.)

    First, address the body-image issue.

    "Most women think they're too fat, but women are meant to be round," Biggs says. "This is about looking at your curves and appreciating them as an artist might. This is not about trying to count your ribs."

    Write down other assets -- Nice eyes? Easy smile? Great voice? Ask your friends to validate the list. Step back, look it over, and you're likely to say, "Hmm ... not bad."

    While you're still in that mood, scan your 10-best-things-about-me list and figure out how to emphasize your assets. If you're especially tall, take a Pilates class to perfect your posture. If you've got knockout eyes, experiment with new makeup, get your bangs away from them, and, if you wear "Coke-bottle" glasses, consider trading them in for contact lenses.

    "If you don't think you're fabulous, nobody else is likely to think so either," she says. "Your body language will convey how you feel about yourself."

    Assets and Deficits

    I can't help it. I'm a masochist. I've got to ask: What am I doing right, and -- God help me -- where am I failing miserably?

    "I find you very attractive," Biggs tells me. (Call me totally insecure, but I enjoy hearing this.) "You're friendly and warm, you talk easily, and you listen, which is key.

    "But ..." (Here it comes!) "... if I were forced to find something wrong with you ..." (Who's forcing?) "... you might consider having fewer dark undertones in your hair ..." (Note to self: Book emergency highlight appointment.) "... and perhaps wearing some blush and eye shadow, to emphasize your eyes. On the other hand, you've got a great body and good arms." (Roots be damned! Biggs is my new best friend.) "Lots of women wear clothes that aren't appropriate for their shape, but you look great."

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