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East Meets West for Better Sex

Seeking to improve your sex life? Perhaps some methods rooted in ancient philosophies can satisfy.

Many Roads Lead To Rome continued...

For example, in Stubbs' book, he details techniques of sensual massage and how to perform a "Secret Garden" ritual with your partner, which involves a bath, whipped cream, and chilled champagne. In Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving, authors Charles and Caroline Muir discuss techniques of G-spot stimulation, kissing, and oral sex, in addition to ways to improve communication between partners.

Other sex manuals that aren't specifically tantric also teach these things. But you will find ideas in books on tantra that are not in TheJoy of Sex, or Nina Hartley's educational videos.

If you're interested in learning tantric practices, you have to realize that it's not just about sex. Despite similarities to modern Western sex therapy, tantric sex is ultimately supposed to be a way to spiritual enlightenment, not an end in itself. And in some forms of tantric practice, you can't ignore the spiritual stuff and skip to the how-to.

Taoist sexual yoga, or sexual chi kung (or qigong) is a form of tantra that teaches men to cultivate sexual energy to enhance their sexual prowess, and couples to improve their experience by sharing energy. You cannot be a skeptic and practice this. You have to believe that a mystical life force, called chi, flows through your body, and that it can be manipulated to effects such as multiple orgasms and long sessions of lovemaking.

"I can have sex for an hour, sometimes an hour and a half, and then I want to rest and have some more later -- and this is without having an orgasm," says Eric Yudelove, author of Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy. "Very often we'll start early and go into the wee hours of the morning. It works very well."

Whipple teaches methods of achieving the same result, but in a different way. Instead of talking about chi and chakras, she teaches Kegel exercises, also called PC muscle exercises. By strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, men are better able to control ejaculation, allowing them to have multiple orgasms, and women can do the same.

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