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    What Men Really Want But Won't Tell You

    WebMD Feature from "Redbook" Magazine

    By Dan Bova

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    Straight from the mouths of the guys themselves — it turns out what they crave is simpler, sweeter, and more surprising than you'd ever imagine. Here, our guy spills their not-so-dirty secrets.

    "A full shelf just for us in the medicine cabinet."
    Not a two-inch-wide slot -- a whole, wall-to-wall shelf. Rescuing our razor from an avalanche of lipstick, Secret sticks, and those triangle sponge thingies is not the most fun way to start the morning. And by the way, what the hell are those triangle things for? Are you playing blocks in there?

    "You waking us up in the middle of the night...completely naked."
    There are two things every dude in a long-term relationship desires: excitement and nudity. And with this little move, you're killing two naughty birds with one sexy stone. Wake us up at 3 a.m. and tell us that you just had the hottest dream and can't fall back to sleep. Then watch the fog of sleep -- along with other things -- suddenly lift. "Naked is the best thing ever in bed, along with maybe pizza," says Bob Rybarczyk, 37, who lives in St. Louis. "The spontaneity of being woken up like that is what makes it exciting, assuming I could actually be coherent in the middle of the night." And who knows, your adventurousness might just inspire us to new heights of under-the-covers creativity in return.

    "A free pass to skip some boring get-together."
    We think your family is great. Really. How could we have anything less than affection for your brothers, sisters, and, of course, your parents, the people who raised the woman we love and adore? But here's the thing: We also love and adore lying on the couch, when the only sounds in the house are a televised baseball game and our snores. It's nothing personal, but a Saturday afternoon of pure vegetation, as opposed to making small talk at your niece's birthday party, would be the greatest gift ever. "My wife once told my in-laws that I had a stomach flu the day of a big family barbecue," says my brother, Rich, 36, from Miller Place, NY. "I felt like I was playing hooky -- it was the best! As a thank you, I didn't complain about being dragged along on her epic mall shopping trips for months after that."

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