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    What You're Really Doing in Bed


    "I'd love to be having more sex, but I'm ashamed to say I don't like my body right now." -- Michelle, 34

    "There just aren't enough hours in a day to take care of work, the house, the pets, the daughter, and the husband. (Notice how he comes last!)" -- Kathy, 42

    "I think it's resentment from working all day and then coming home to dishes, meals, laundry, homework help...." -- Paula, 35

    "My boyfriend is always too tired or not into it. I thought it was the girl who got out of it by complaining that she was tired, not the guy!" -- Jill, 25

    You Tell Us.... When are you most likely to be in the mood?

    "I'm most likely to be in the mood after having a relaxing time, such as a night out. I'm also more likely when it's not late at night. I get worried about not getting enough sleep and don't feel like using that valuable time for sex!" -- Kim, 32

    "When my hubby and I share special time together -- watching a movie, walking while holding hands, just a complete connection with lots of affection." -- Janice, 48

    "I am a very visual person, so any time I see something that reminds me of sex -- sometimes it's something as simple as a picture of a good-looking man -- I'm in the mood right away. There is also certain music that will put me in the mood quickly." -- Chris, 45

    "Any time I see my husband as the individual he is. Sometimes I think we forget that we are each separate people. When I see him lost in conversation, entertaining, and just being himself, I want to drag him into the bedroom." -- Kellie, 34

    "Being outside enjoying nature makes me feel especially close to my husband, and that closeness needs a venue for expression." -- Janie, 49

    "I like to have sex after a busy, productive day at work. It's a great stress releaser and an excellent way to unwind." -- Holly, 44

    Something to brag about:
    43% of you think your sex life is better than average. Only 17% say it's worse than average.

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