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    What You're Really Doing in Bed


    What happens when one of you is in the mood and the other isn't? According to you, your guy is much more likely to just say no: 26% say your guy turns you down completely when he's not in the mood, while only 11% do the same to him. You're more likely than he is to give it a whirl anyway (69% vs. 59%) or compromise with oral sex or another just-for-him treat (20% vs. 15%).

    You Tell Us.... How does it make you feel when you're in the mood for sex and he's not?

    "If I am in the mood and he is not, it hurts my feelings. I feel like I'm not turning him on. I feel bad when he's in the mood and I'm not, so I do it anyway." -- Michele, 42

    "I am in the mood more often than my husband is -- chalk it up to my healthier living -- so I find myself being disappointed when I need a man's touch and I'm not getting it. My vibrator comes in handy then, but it's not the same." -- Kath, 42

    "I'll admit it: I get really annoyed when my husband doesn't want to have sex. I don't take it personally, but I still want it when I want it! I also tend to get annoyed with myself when I'm not in the mood for sex. More often than not I make myself be in the mood, but sometimes you're just not into it." -- Michelle, 26

    Are You Faking It?
    When it comes to orgasms, many of you think honesty is the best policy: 35% say you've never faked one. However, one third of you say you fake it either occasionally or regularly (32% say you used to fake it, but don't anymore). Why? Of those who have faked orgasm, 60% say it was to make him feel good (35% say you did it -- or do it -- just to get sex over with).

    Hey, give your guy some credit, says Anita Clayton, M.D., a psychiatrist and author of Satisfaction: Women, Sex, and the Quest for Intimacy. "Men want to please their partners, and they can't do it if you're not honest about what works."

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