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    What You're Really Doing in Bed


    You Tell Us.... When was the last time you faked orgasm, and why did you do it?

    "I faked it last night because it was lasting forever and I just wanted to go to sleep." -- Lisa, 42

    "I have only faked once. Honestly, I felt so bad because my husband was trying so hard to satisfy me; I just couldn't seem to reach orgasm and it was starting to feel like work. But I admitted it to him afterward, and he told me he'd rather know if I wasn't going to, instead of me faking." -- Becky, 29

    "I've never faked an orgasm because I figured if I did, then we would never figure out what works and what doesn't." -- Tonya, 28

    Uh-oh! 4% of you have never had an orgasm with a partner.
    Whoa! 13% of you have had five or more orgasms in a single sex session.

    What Gets You Going?
    Okay, okay -- we know what you're really curious about is what everyone else is doing behind closed bedroom doors. For starters, your favorite position is him on top (39%), followed by you on top (28%) and from behind (25%). For most of you (55%), sex usually lasts between 10 and 30 minutes, with another 22% saying it lasts 30 minutes to an hour. What about foreplay? With less than half an hour for sex, you've gotta be efficient: Three to 10 minutes of foreplay is the norm, say 41% of you; another 31% get 10 to 20 minutes of warm-up.

    Sexy Statistics: How adventurous are you? Here's how many of you have tried these sex-life boosters:
    80% Sexy lingerie.
    60% Using a sex toy/vibrator.
    50% Looking at pornography.
    41% Anal sex.
    28% Tying each other up during sex.
    21% Blindfolding each other during sex.
    16% Dressing up in costumes/role-playing.

    You Tell Us.... What have you tried to spice things up in bed?

    "I love to dress up in costumes complete with wigs. My guy comes to the door and is greeted by someone very sexy and different. I even disguise my voice!" -- Louise, 46

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