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What You're Really Doing in Bed


Sexy Statistics: What's the easiest way for you to reach orgasm?
23% of you said oral sex.
18% Manual stimulation during intercourse.
11% Intercourse alone.
11% Using a vibrator.
9% Masturbation.
27% All of the above.
1% I've never had an orgasm.

Sweet! 19% of you say you still make out with your partner -- without taking it further -- "all the time." (But 31% say you haven't done it since you were first dating.)

Men Answer Your Secret Sex Question: Do you fantasize about other women?

"I'm going to sound hopelessly corny, if not a downright liar, but during sex (or while alone) I only fantasize about my wife. Real scenes are fresher, and better to replay in my mind." -- John, 38

"If I'm having difficulty keeping my focus during sex, whether it's due to job stress or fatigue, I think about random girls I've seen on TV. A hot -- but brief -- image revives me so I can keep going." -- Tom, 40

"I love my girlfriend, but sometimes in the homestretch, I think of Salma Hayek. It intensifies the finish." -- Sam, 30

"I don't think about other women when I'm with my girlfriend. But when I'm alone, sometimes I fantasize about former girlfriends. The scenarios feel like new, but better, because I've actually lived them before." -- Dave, 28

"At any given time, the male brain is a library of sexual images we've encountered throughout the day, or even years. It can be a momentary flash of the cute checkout girl, or a sexy movie scene we watched years ago. Sometimes during sex, those images creep into your mind. But it just adds to the excitement." -- Brendan, 44

You Tell Us.... What do you think other people would be shocked to learn about your sex life?

"I think most people would be surprised that as quiet and reserved as I am, I'm quite passionate in the bedroom." -- Glynis, 43

"I have never given oral sex to my fiancé until he orgasms. He gives me oral sex almost every time we have sex, and I finish. But I just can't seem to bring him to the finish line by giving him oral sex." --Jean, 26

"I've never gotten naked in the light in front of my husband." -- Kim, 29

"What would most likely shock my female friends, given the way they talk, is that I enjoy giving my husband oral sex." -- Kathy, 46

"While I'm more dominant in a lot of areas of our life, my husband is totally 'the boss' in the bedroom." -- Donna, 45

"I've never had an orgasm and have given up trying...for the time being." -- Jill, 25

"I want to have a threesome with another woman." -- Jan, 38

"We're newlyweds but we only have sex once a week for about three minutes." -- Kelly, 34

"The sound of other people having sex turns me on." -- Brittany, 32

"I'm almost 30 and I've never had sex." -- Stefanie, 28

"My husband and I enjoy anal sex -- and role reversal -- using a strap-on." -- Stacey, 37

"How rarely we have intercourse, but that we use other methods to achieve satisfaction." -- Cheryl, 44

"I can go hours with just breast play and achieve multiple orgasms from it." -- Judy, 54


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