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    Marriage Makeover: "2 Jobs, 2 Kids — Where Does Our Marriage Fit In?"


    MEGHAN: "I think Dr. Greer’s advice has made us more aware of things like how we talk to each other, or if we're not paying attention to each other. I feel like I'm more grateful for all the things Jeremy does since we've talked to her, and I think it's because I am more conscious of the things he's doing. I think I'm making more of an effort not to take those things for granted. We're trying to do the weekly meetings in the morning, but it's been hard to make it a real habit. We both still think it's a good idea, though. So, we'll keep trying. I've been trying to ramp it up on the snuggling, too. In fact, we snuggled through a 2 1/2 hour movie last weekend — not bad, eh?! I've also started sending him more notes — emails and texts and stuff — just to say that I love him, I appreciate him, etc. I have no idea if he thinks it's great or dorky. Probably a little of both!

    It does seem like we're both happier in some ways. And, even though the therapist never once said, 'Well, don't work so much!' I think it has made us more conscious of how much we do work and the unintended consequence of that has been that we are getting better at saying, 'That can wait 'til tomorrow' in favor of hanging out with each other. And we've been trying to go on more dates, which has been really fun. Going out — even just for dinner and a movie — and laughing and enjoying each others company reminds me why we are together in the first place. Which feels really nice."

    JEREMY: "I really liked the whole 'five minutes' suggestion and nobody can argue with that no matter how busy or stressed out they might be. Heck, you can easily waste five minutes trying to pick out a snack. Five minutes is pretty easy and doesn't feel like any additional weight of responsibility. Five minutes really can give a much needed perspective and a reconnection. And if it turns into a few hours somehow, hey, that's a good time!

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