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    How Low Testosterone Affects Health,
    Mood, and Sex

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    Low Testosterone and Sex Drive


    Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction continued...

    At the same time, low testosterone is a frequent accomplice to atherosclerosis in creating erectile dysfunction. In studies, as many as one in three men mentioning ED to their doctor have low testosterone. Experts believe that in men with other factors causing erectile dysfunction, low testosterone can strongly contribute, making a difficult situation even worse.

    Strengthening the connection, low testosterone is linked in some way with many of the conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction:

    Although low testosterone isn't known to cause them, the associations between other medical conditions and low testosterone can be significant.

    Testosterone therapy improves sex drive and satisfaction with sex in many men. However, the long-term risks and benefits of testosterone replacement are unknown. Research trials on testosterone replacement in men are ongoing, although results are years away.

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    Reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD on March 15, 2017
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