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  1. Sex After Orgasm in Men

    It's common not to be able to achieve an erection immediately after orgasm. So what's a couple to do for round two? Get expert advice here.

  2. Talking to Your Kids About Sex

    WebMD offers tips on talking to your teenager about sex and sexuality.

  3. Understanding Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention

    WebMD explains how to prevent getting and passing sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs.

  4. Understanding Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

    WebMD provides an overview of common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, in men and women.

  5. Understanding Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

    WebMD provides an overview of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs.

  6. Sex and Passion: Frequently Asked Questions

    Sex, passion, and marriage aren't words that always go together. Find out why and what you can do get your love life back on track.

  7. Your Guide to the Female Reproductive System

    WebMD provides an overview of the female reproductive system and how it works.

  8. Your Guide to Masturbation

    How common is masturbation, and how can it enhance sexuality? Find out more from WebMD.

  9. Sexual Orientation

    WebMD looks at sexual orientation, including heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality.

  10. Abuse: Signs of Abuse-Related Injuries - Topic Overview

    Most injuries are not caused by abuse. But bruises are often the first sign of possible abuse. Suspect physical abuse of a child or vulnerable adult when: Any injury cannot be explained or does not match the explanation. Repeated injuries occur. Explanations change for how the injury happened. You may be able to prevent further injuries by reporting abuse. Seek help if: You suspect child ...

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