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  1. Women's Sex Satisfaction Linked to Submission

    July 21, 2005 -- Some women may subconsciously associate sex with submission, and the connection could wreak havoc on their ability to enjoy sex, research shows. In a series of studies involving female college students, University of Michigan researchers found that the women who most strongly linked

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  2. Sex Habits and the 'Morning After' Pill

    July 7, 2005 -- Making emergency "morning after" contraceptive pills available over the counter hasn't changed contraceptive use or unprotected sex in the U.K. So say researchers including Cicely Marston, a social science and public health lecturer at London's Imperial College. Emergency contracepti

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  3. Single Gene May Change Sexual Behavior

    June 15, 2005 -- Flipping the switch on a single gene may be enough to turn a coy female fruit fly into a crooning Casanova, according to a new study. Researchers found that altering a single gene in female fruit flies caused their sexual behavior to change and resemble that of males. "In these expe

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  4. Study: Men's 'Down Low' Sex Often Stereotyped

    June 15, 2005 -- Media attention has recently lighted on men who have sex with other men "on the down low" (without telling their primary female partner about it). Now, researchers say the reality doesn't always match the stereotypes. Mainstream coverage of down low, or DL, behavior has often featur

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  5. Are Some Women Genetically Blessed for Orgasm?

    June 7, 2005 -- A woman's genes might affect her ability to achieve orgasm, British researchers report. They haven't found an "orgasm gene," and they don't dismiss other influences (such as cultural, social, and psychological traits). They also say they know they're wading into a "highly speculative

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  6. The Golden Age of Sex

    May 27, 2005 -- Don't believe the hype about sex fading with age. Relationships and sex remain a vital part of life for many people in midlife and beyond, an AARP survey shows. AARP has just released a 2004 update to its 1999 sex report. The results will appear in the July/August issue of AARP The M

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  7. Unhappy Marriage Raises Women's Heart Risk

    May 13, 2005 -- For married women, a happy heart is a healthy heart. A number of studies have shown that marriage is good for men's health. Oddly, that doesn't seem to be true for women unless they are in happy marriages, more recent research suggests. Why? Women in satisfying relationships are less

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  8. Sexual Orientation: Does Your Nose Know?

    May 10, 2005 -- Forget the perfume. Your body odor may already be sending powerful signals to potential partners. New research suggests that preferences for certain body odors may provide valuable clues about a person's gender and sexual orientation. The study showed that homosexual men and lesbian

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  9. 1 in 5 Young Teens Report Having Tried Oral Sex

    April 4, 2005 -- Nearly a third of 14-year-olds plan oral sex within six months -- and nearly 20% say they've already tried oral sex, a California survey shows. The survey is not a national sample. The data, while carefully collected, comes from 580 ninth-grade boys and girls at two California schoo

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  10. Why We Have Sex

    March 30, 2005 -- Take away the sweet talk and lust, and sex comes down to survival of the fittest, a new British study shows. How did the researchers figure that out? They didn't ask this year's so-called sexiest man or woman alive. No surveys were done on modern mating habits; no calls were made t

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