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Other Reasons to Take the Pill

Pill perk #5: Endometriosis relief

Endometriosis, a condition in which uterine-lining tissue grows in other pelvic areas, can lead to scarring, severe pain, and sometimes infertility. The Pill stops the growth of tissue in other areas by reducing the hormones that cause the lining to build up.

Pill perk #6: Fewer periods

Women on the Pill can reschedule their period so it doesn't come at inconvenient times. To do so, make sure you're on a monophasic formula, which contains pills in only two different colors: one for the active pills and one for the placebos. You simply keep taking active pills (typically up to three months) and switch to placebos when you're ready to menstruate. "I often prescribe an extra pack of pills," says Teal, "so a woman can dip into her spare to postpone a period."

Pill perk #7: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) relief

While the Pill doesn't cure PCOS - a hormonal disorder that triggers irregular cycles, excessive hair growth, and acne - it does offer symptom relief to sufferers. Experts recommend women with PCOS take a pill with 30 to 35 mcg of estrogen, since estrogen helps regulate periods, and combats skin problems and unwanted hair growth.

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Reviewed on November 01, 2006

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