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Where to Find Emergency Contraception

Tips for Buying Emergency Contraception

  • Call ahead. It’s worth repeating: Don't waste time by going to a pharmacy where the pill isn't in stock, Cleland says. When you speak to the staff, also ask about any restrictions, so that you're sure you can get it.
  • Check prices. Calling around can save you money. One survey found that the average cost of Plan B One-Step at a pharmacy is $48, with a range between $32 and $65. The generic drugs aren't much cheaper, averaging about $42. The pills may be cheaper at women's health centers, university health centers, health departments, and hospitals.
  • Consider getting a prescription. It may be inconvenient to schedule an appointment with your doctor. But having a prescription can make it easier to get emergency contraception. You won't have to worry about age restrictions.
  • Call your insurance company. Find out if it covers emergency contraception. If it does, you should be able to get prescription pills cheaper or at no cost. You'll need to see your doctor to get a prescription.
    Health care experts aren't sure exactly how the new health care law, called the Affordable Care Act, will change insurance coverage for emergency contraception. Your plan may not cover all options. Check with your insurance company.
  • Know your rights. You may meet some pharmacy employees who say that you can't get emergency contraception, even though legally you can. If you have problems, don't feel embarrassed or give up. Go somewhere else. You can also get advice from the Emergency Contraception Hotline at 888-NOT-2-LATE, operated by Princeton University.

Reviewed on July 31, 2013

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