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    Birth Control for Teens - Myth or Truth?

    "A friend told me that you can't get pregnant if you haven't had a period at all, or even lately."

    Don't believe it! You make an egg, or ovulate, and then have a period. And ovulation can happen at any time. There's no day of the month when it's safe to have sex without birth control.

    "I heard a guy say that having birth control means you'll say yes to sex at any time."

    Having protection against pregnancy and STIs means that it's there when you need it. But being prepared doesn't mean having to say yes unless you're comfortable with it.

    "My sister told me you don't need birth control if you just douche after having sex."

    Flushing water into the vagina, or douching, after sex does not prevent pregnancy.

    "I need to feel safe with my sex partner and with what we're doing together. It's got to be okay to say 'no' or 'stop' at any time."

    This should always be true. It's important that you be able to say "no" or "stop" at any time.

    "I should be able to count on my partner to have a condom."

    Every time? Anyone can be forgetful. It's best that you count on yourself. But for a built-in backup plan, you and your partner can agree to both keep protection with you.

    "I worry that when I first go to a doctor for birth control, I'll need to have a pelvic exam."

    Most teens don't have a pelvic exam when they first go for birth control. But if you already have a health problem that needs to be checked, you might. If you do need a pelvic exam and you're nervous about it, talk to your doctor about it ahead of time.

    "Not having sex is the best way to prevent pregnancy and any STI."

    That's right. Abstinence prevents pregnancy and STIs.

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