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    3 Secrets for a Steamier Sex Life

    Boost your sex life with diet, exercise -- and a can-do attitude
    WebMD Expert Column

    Better sex through diet and exercise? You bet. Eating the right kinds of foods and getting plenty of muscle-strengthening exercise is just the prescription for a healthier sex life.

    A dash of positive attitude ties it all together: You have to believe you're hot if you want to make things sizzle in the bedroom. Being sexy and self-confident is just a state of mind.

    Attitude Is Everything

    Believe in yourself. Reward your successful weight loss with an alluring outfit or lingerie that showcases your new figure -- even if you're still far from your goal. If you feel good about your body, that feeling is communicated loud and clear to your sweetheart.

    We all would love to have the bodies of supermodels, but let's be realistic: Your main squeeze is loving the new you and your renewed sense of well-being -- a positive byproduct of your diet and exercise routine!

    A healthy diet, regular exercise, and a positive attitude are only the beginning. It also helps to get plenty of sleep, quit smoking, and control the stress in your life. Not only will you look better, you'll feel good about yourself -- a real boost in the between-the-sheets department.

    The Secret to Sexual Prowess

    Both men and women can get great results if they follow the advice from Lynn Fischer's book, The Better Sex Diet. The author suggests that if you eat a heart-healthy diet, the benefits to your heart will improve the blood flow to other organs in the body. And increasing the blood flow to sexual organs will increase desire and function.

    The theory is simple. Good health is an integral part of good sex, and eating healthfully and exercising regularly is the pathway to good health.

    The book is based on Dean Ornish's research on reversing heart disease with a very low-fat, almost vegetarian, diet. Fischer recommends eating a low-fat diet with lots of fiber, grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and lean sources of dairy and protein. No mystery here, just creative packaging that reiterates the message that a healthy diet goes a long way toward a satisfying lifestyle.

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