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    1. HPV-Related Cancers Increasing in Men

      When the vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) arrived in 2006, public health officials targeted the shot at teenage girls and billed it as a powerful tool for preventing cervical cancer. Today, many doctors and parents still view the sexually transmitted virus primarily as a threat to women. But a

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    2. Could I Have an STD and Not Know It?

      A one-night stand. A summer fling. A new love interest asks about your sexual history. A long-term partner confesses to cheating on you. Any of these could make you wonder, "Do I have an STD?" So you check below the belt. No itching. No sores. No weird oozing or funky smells. It doesn't hurt when yo

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    3. Is Sex Addiction Real?

      You've probably heard of sex addiction, but you might be surprised to know that there's debate about whether it's truly an addiction, and that it's not even all about sex. "That's a common misconception," says Rory Reid, PhD, LCSW, a research psychologist at UCLA's Semel Institute for Neuroscience a

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    4. Get the STD Picture

      Check out the first two words of "sexually transmitted diseases." If you're having sex, you may be at risk. Do you know as much as you think you do about STDs? It's easy to find out. Read through the list of symptoms below, then name that STD. It's been three weeks since I had sex with that guy who

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    5. What Parents Should Know About the HPV, or Cervical Cancer, Vaccine

      You've probably heard that a new HPV vaccine can protect women against cervical cancer. In fact, the vaccine may be most effective when given to girls and young women. Is the HPV vaccine something you should consider for your daughter? Is this vaccine safe? When should girls receive the shots, and a

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    6. Can’t Orgasm? Here’s Help for Women

      WebMD's sexpert Louanne Cole Weston, PhD, reveals the two-part trick to having an orgasm.

    7. When and How to Reveal You Have an STD

      You may not be as lucky as a client of mine. There she sat over dinner, on a date with an interesting man she had just met through a matchmaking service. He had a cold and sinus headache. She pulled out her trusty but tiny pill holder that held one Advil, one aspirin, and one blue pill. She handed h

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    8. Eat, Exercise, Relax, and Sleep Your Way to Better Sex

      Thought about leading a healthier lifestyle but haven't gotten around to doing it? Here's a possible incentive: Experts say people who are mentally and physically fit are more likely to have good sex lives. Â "If you feel good about yourself, you are in a better position to feel good about relations

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    9. Happy, Healthy, and Hard

      As the saying goes, the best measure of a man's character is the company he keeps. But what about his health? According to Steven Lamm, MD, the best measure of that is his erect penis. "There's an incredibly important link between a man's health and sexual performance," Lamm, an assistant professor

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    10. Romance After 60

      The chaste older person. The dirty old geezer. The horny old broad. Stereotypes all. "The stereotype is grim," says Walter M. Bortz II, MD, author of We Love Too Short and Die Too Long. "The reality is that older people are a lot sexier than younger people think. The common notion is that when you a

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