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    Sexual Desire Problems -- What You Can Do

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    Self-Care at Home

    Treatment is not needed for all sexual problems. Some problems can be solved by you and your partner alone with a little openness and creativity.

    • Some problems go away by themselves over time--patience and understanding are all that is required.
    • Sometimes talking the problem out with your partner is enough. Women who learn to tell their partners about their sexual needs have a better chance of having a satisfying sex life.
    • Try to make the solution fun -- think up ways to inject a little romance and excitement into your sexual routine.

    Some strategies women use to overcome sexual problems:

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    Understanding Female Sexual Problems -- Prevention

    If you're a woman wanting to prevent sexual problems, avoid alcohol and recreational drugs that can lessen sexual desire or impair your sexual response. Keep existing medical conditions such as diabetes under control. Discuss side effects of medications with your doctor or pharmacist in case an alternative with fewer sexual effects is available. Relaxed, clear teaching to promote understanding of one's body and of sexual functioning, emphasizing the importance and normalcy of sexuality, is critical...

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    • Set aside time to be alone or alone with your partner, without children and other distractions.
    • Use erotic videos or books to increase arousal.
    • Masturbate to learn about what increases your arousal.
    • Fantasize about what arouses you sexually; if appropriate, tell your partner about these fantasies. Use sensual massage and other forms of touch.
    • Try new sexual positions or scenarios.
    • Use relaxation techniques such as a warm bath before having sex.
    • Use a vaginal lubricant to relieve arousal problems due to vaginal dryness.

    Several excellent books are available in mainstream bookstores or from mail-order sources to help couples deal with sexual and communication problems. Many people prefer this "do-it-yourself" method to talking about these problems with an outsider.

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