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    1. Condoms Lower Women's Pelvic Disease Risk

      July 29, 2004 -- Sexually active women whose partners consistently use condoms are less likely to get recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease. That's the report from researchers who followed 684 women, aged 14 to 37, for nearly three years. Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection of the female gen

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    2. Anal Cancer Rates Up, Particularly in Men

      July 13, 2004 -- Anal cancer is on the rise among Americans. Men -- especially black men -- are at highest risk, a new study shows. Changing trends in sexual behavior and infections are among the causes, researchers say. The report, appearing in the journal Cancer , is based on data from tumor regis

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    3. HIV's Bisexual Bridge to Women

      July 13, 2004 -- Men who have sex with men and women are a "significant bridge for HIV to women," the CDC's new data suggest. The findings come in a presentation to the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok by CDC researcher Linda Valleroy, PhD. The CDC's Young Men's Survey shows that about on

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    4. New Drug May Boost Women's Sexual Desire

      June 28, 2004 -- An experimental new drug may help boost sexual desire for women suffering from low libido, according to a new study. Researchers say sexual desire disorders, such as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), affect about 30% of women in North America and Europe, but there are few ef

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    5. Testosterone Patch May Boost Women's Libido

      June 16, 2004 -- An experimental testosterone patch may help certain women who have lost their lust for sex put some passion back into their lives. A new study shows use of the patch increased sexual activity and sexual desire by about 50% among women with surgically-induced menopause. The testoster

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    6. Racial Differences in Chlamydia Reported

      May 11, 2004 -- Young blacks are six times as likely as young whites to be infected with chlamydia, and infection rates are nearly twice as high in the South as in the Northeast, according to a study of how common these sexual transmitted diseases are in young adults in the U.S. Overall, the study s

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    7. Bladder Problems Often Mean Less Sex in Women

      May 11, 2004 (San Francisco) -- Women with certain bladder problems often experience trouble sexually, a new study shows. "Women with overactive bladder can have leakage during intercourse," says Kristene Whitmore, MD, chief of urology at Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia. "These initial findings sh

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    8. Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea on the Rise

      April 29, 2004 -- A dramatic increase in the number of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea cases in the U.S. has prompted the CDC to issue new gonorrhea treatment guidelines for gay and bisexual men. A new CDC study of men seen at sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics in 23 U.S. cities shows the num

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    9. Chlamydia in Men Linked to Infertility

      April 29, 2004 -- Chlamydia infection in women has been linked to infertility, and now new research shows the same may be true for men. Couples participating in a Swedish study were one-third less likely to achieve a pregnancy if the man had a history of infection with chlamydia. Infertile couples i

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    10. Few Realize Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk

      April 6, 2004 -- Many Americans say they protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) but few actually use protection on a regular basis. In fact, few even know that hepatitis A and hepatitis B are sexually transmitted, or that they are at risk. A nationwide survey -- unveiled today

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