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    1. Orgasm Can Bring Bad Headache

      --> Oct. 30, 2002 -- All "not tonight, dear" jokes aside, it appears there really is an association between headaches and sex. Experts say that although severe headaches brought on by orgasm are uncommon, men are three times as likely to get them as women. While sexual headaches may spoil the mood,

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    2. 'Hookups' and Dating Similar to Teens

      Oct. 18, 2002 -- Whether it's a "hookup" that happens in the closet at a party with an acquaintance, or a romantic date with a girlfriend or boyfriend, there's a one in four chance that sex will be on the agenda for teenagers. A new survey shows that about a quarter of teens say that sexual intercou

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    3. Viagra May Work in Women, Too.

      Sept. 26, 2002 -- That little pill that has helped millions of men reclaim their sex lives may also work for some women. Women with arousal problems who took Viagra in a study funded by the drug's manufacturer achieved sexual satisfaction more often than those who took placebo pills. But further res

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    4. New Drug Boosts Female Sex Response

      -->May 28, 2002 -- A liquid that heightens sexual sensation when spread on the genitals may help women who have difficulty becoming aroused. The drug, alprostadil, isn't completely new. It is made from the naturally occurring substance, prostaglandin E, which has been used as a treatment (called MUS

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    5. Sex and Medicine: Strange Bedfellows?

      April 11, 2002 -- You've seen the ads -- Click Here for Penis Power, says one. Embarrassed? Try Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, says another. We're a society obsessed with sexual performance, in ourselves and our partners, trying Viagra and every medical gimmick out there to get it right, says a new stu

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    6. Got Pheromones? Get Affection

      March 20, 2002 -- Forget the expensive French perfumes. If a woman really wants to reel a man in, all she needs to do is dab a dose of odorless pheromones strategically to her pulse points, and men will shower her with affection. At least that's what the results of one small study show. The study, p

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    7. Gonorrhea Rises in Areas With High Rates

      March 7, 2002 -- The national gonorrhea rate has remained stable, but in many cities with the highest rates, the problem has escalated. Thirteen of 20 cities with the highest gonorrhea rates in 1999 had more than 20% higher rates in 2000, the CDC reports. Among those cities: Kansas City, Mo. (37% in

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    8. Can Washing Prevent STDs?

      Feb. 21, 2002 -- How much do teenagers and young adults know about safe sex? Not much. In fact, many people are still in the dark when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, according to the latest research. But on the bright side, that same research shows that counseling can shed som

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    9. Most People Carrying STDs Don't Know It

      Feb. 12, 2002 -- A new study shows that a lot more people carry -- and spread -- sexually transmitted diseases than once thought. Even scarier is the finding that most of these people don't even know they are infected. A report in the Feb. 13 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association

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    10. Helping Women Get In the Mood

      Dec. 20, 2001 -- Thanks to Viagra, millions of men now have a new lease on their sex lives. Alas, millions of women still aren't in the mood. Studies suggest that almost half of women in the U.S. suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction, with low libido (or sex drive) at the top of list. Their th

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