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    Understanding Female Sexual Problems -- Symptoms

    What Are the Symptoms of Female Sexual Problems?

    The symptoms of female sexual problems include:

    • Lack of sexual desire, sexual fantasies, or interest in sexual contact
    • Lack of signs of sexual arousal, including vaginal lubrication, erection of the clitoris and nipples, and swelling of the labia despite adequate sexual stimulation
    • Inability to reach an orgasm despite adequate sexual stimulation and signs of arousal
    • Painful spasm of the muscles around the vagina
    • Pain with vaginal penetration
    • Sensation of burning or pain, either in the vulva and the external areas of the vagina, or deep within the pelvis

    Understanding Female Sexual Problems

    Find out more about female sexual problems:



    Diagnosis and Treatment


    Call Your Doctor About Sexual Problems If:

    • You or your partner are experiencing significant distress due to sexual dysfunction.
    • You lack any desire for sexual contact.
    • You are unable to become sexually aroused or to have an orgasm, either as a new development or as a lifelong problem.
    • You experience pain with intercourse or vaginal penetration.
    • You are unable to participate in intercourse or vaginal penetration because you have involuntary muscle spasms around the vagina.

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