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    Your Baby's Diet

    What you need to know about breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.

    Allergy Issues

    Is hay fever linked to that itchy rash on your child's skin?

    Healthy Home

    Make your kid's world eczema-friendly. Tips on bedding, stuffed toys, and more.

    School Time

    Get a plan to keep your itchy child safe and happy in the classroom.

    Food and Flares

    Learn what to feed your child to prevent symptoms from coming back.


    Parenting Tips

    Practical advice to ease your child's symptoms.


    Bathing Your Baby

    Ease your baby's symptoms by using these bathing techniques.

    Keep Symptoms in Check

    Our doctor discusses what parents can do to prevent flare-ups.

    Help Your Child Manage Eczema

    Take basic steps to prevent your child’s eczema symptoms from flaring up.