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  1. Blame Male Pattern Baldness on Mom?

    May 27, 2005 -- Mothers may unwittingly put their sons on the path to baldness. Chalk it up to genetics, says European researchers. They include Markus Nöthen, a genomics professor at Germany's University of Bonn. Nöthen and colleagues say they've found a gene variation that may explain some cases o

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  2. Hair Stem Cells Not Just for Baldness

    March 28, 2005 -- Stem cells from hair follicles can give rise to new nerve cells, researchers report. The finding could lead to a new, accessible source of stem cells for therapeutic uses, they report. Stem cells have drawn a lot of attention, as they can develop various kinds of cells in the right

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  3. Hair Cloning Nears Reality as Baldness Cure

    Nov. 4, 2004 -- Balding men and women take note. Hair cloning -- the next hair restoration remedy -- is on the way. OK, it's not exactly cloning, although that's what it's come to be called. Researchers working to perfect the new technique prefer the term "hair multiplication." And no, it's not read

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  4. Special Skin Cells May Grow New Hair, Skin

    Sept. 2, 2004 -- Special cells nestled within the hair follicles in the skin may have the same properties as stem cells and may offer a new way to treat hair loss and burns, according to a new study. Researchers found cells within the skin of mice that may have the ability to eventually reverse bald

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  5. Are Bad Hair Days Genetic?

    May 24, 2004 -- Another bad hair day? Don't blame your hairdresser. Maybe it's your genes. Some people have hair that just doesn't line up right. Instead of proceeding from a single whorl at the top of the head, they may have multiple whorls. This gives them unruly, frizzled hair. Why? Fruit flies s

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  6. Stem Cells Can Re-Grow Hair

    March 15, 2004 -- Hair follicles that are lost may not be gone forever. For the first time, scientists have identified cells in mice that are capable of regenerating new hair follicles when transplanted into the skin. The finding is likely to spur research into new hair loss treatments for humans. A

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  7. Arthritis Drug Helps Grow Hair

    -->May 13, 2002 -- A drug used to treat autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis may help people with patchy baldness grow their hair back. A new study shows the drug Azulfidine -- generic name sulfazalazine -- may be a safe and effective new alternative for treating severe al

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  8. Pride or Not, Most Men Don't Think Bald Is Beautiful

    Jan. 5, 2001 -- Baldness didn't interfere with success for multitalented entertainers Isaac Hayes, the late Yul Brenner of The King and I fame, and others. But for the approximately 40 million American men that have to put sunscreen on their heads, the lack of locks may not be such a great thing. Ev

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  9. New Drug Could Prevent Hair Loss From Chemotherapy

    Jan. 4, 2001 -- For many patients, the one side effect of cancer treatment considered even more harrowing than nausea and vomiting is hair loss. The same drugs that often save lives also can cause very real physical hardship and emotional distress. But chemotherapy-induced hair loss may become a thi

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  10. Something to Watch out for if You're Going Bald

    Oct. 2, 2000 -- It's hard enough to grow bald in one's 20s and early 30s, for the obvious reasons -- but early baldness also is well-known within the medical profession to be a harbinger of some less obvious reasons, such as heart disease. And now, to add injury on top of injury, a team of Finnish c

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