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Medical Reference Related to Skin Problems & Treatments

  1. Sunburn

    A sunburn is skin damage from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Most sunburns cause mild pain and redness but affect only the outer layer of skin (first-degree burn).

  2. Tattoo Allergic Reaction

    Exuberant blistering reaction in red tattoo pigment. The reaction occurred with each treatment and predictably resolved completely within a few days with routine topical skin care.

  3. Tattoo with Laser Treatment

    Improvement after six treatments with 1064 nm Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. While improvement is not complete, the cosmetic result is far superior to that of dermabrasion.

  4. Female Pattern Baldness

    Mistakenly thought to be a strictly male disease, women make up a significant percentage of American hair loss sufferers. Forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are age 40, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

  5. Sunburn (Second Degree)

    Skin that is red and painful and that swells up and blisters may mean that deep skin layers and nerve endings have been damaged (second-degree burn).

  6. Dandruff

    Dandruff - those dry, white flakes of skin you constantly find yourself brushing off your collar or shoulders - typically poses no health risk whatsoever.

  7. Psoriasis Vulgaris Erythematous

    Psoriasis vulgaris. Well-delineated erythematous plaque located on the elbow of a child with psoriasis.

  8. Razor Bumps

    Razor bumps, also called pseudofolliculitis barbae, are small, irritated bumps on the skin. They develop after shaving, when strands of hair curl back on themselves and grow into the skin.

  9. Alopecia Areata

    Alopecia areata, nails. Pitting in organized transverse rows giving the nail a "hammered brass" appearance.

  10. Spider Veins

    Spider veins, prior to treatment with sclerotherapy.

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