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    1. Getting Stitches (Sutures)

      WebMD talks about why you may get stitches, how to care for them, different types of stitches, and much more.

    2. How to Spot Signs of Sun Damage

      Too much fun in the sun? Learn the signs of damage done.

    3. Diagnosis for Sun-Damaged Skin

      Are you healthy in the skin you’re in? Doctors can tell what the sun has done.

    4. Understanding Actinic Keratosis -- Treatment

      Learn about treatments for actinic keratosis from the experts at WebMD.

    5. Understanding Actinic Keratosis -- Symptoms

      WebMD's guide to the symptoms of actinic keratosis, a skin disorder caused by sun exposure.

    6. How Can I Tell if It's Psoriasis or Eczema?

      Psoriasis and eczema are itchy, red rashes, but there are ways to tell them apart. Find out how.

    7. Lice, Scabies, and Your Skin

      Lice and scabies are skin conditions that can cause severe itching. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments.

    8. Alternative Mosquito Repellents

      Learn about mosquito repellents that are derived from natural materials such as plants. WebMD explores alternatives to chemical mosquito repellents.

    9. Understanding Lice and Scabies -- Treatment

      Read about treatment of lice and scabies.

    10. Managing the Pain of Postherpetic Neuralgia

      WebMD looks at managing postherpetic neuralgia, the nerve pain that often lingers after a shingles rash goes away.

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