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    Adult Skin Problems

    Photo of ingrown toenail on big toe

    Ingrown Toenail

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    Credit: Dr P. Marazzi / Photo Researchers, Inc

    Ingrown nails -- when the nail grows into the flesh instead of over it -- usually affect the toenails, particularly the big toe. People with curved or thick nails are most susceptible, although anyone can suffer from ingrown nails as a result of an injury, poorly fitting shoes, or because of improper grooming of the feet (always cut toenails straight across). People with diabetes,vascular problems, or numbness in the toes need to be aggressive in treating and preventing minor foot ailments such as an ingrown toenail because they can develop into serious medical problems such as infection that could lead to the loss of a limb. Read more about ingrown nails.

    Reviewed on March 13, 2016

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