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    Medical Reference Related to Psoriasis

    1. Psoriasis Vulgaris Erythematous

      Psoriasis vulgaris. Well-delineated erythematous plaque located on the elbow of a child with psoriasis.

    2. Psoriasis Vulgaris Plaque

      Psoriasis vulgaris, Koebner phenomenon. Well-delineated erythematous plaque with a silvery-white scale characteristic of psoriasis.

    3. Psoriasis Vulgaris

      Psoriasis vulgaris, scalp and nail findings. Pinpoint pits and distal onycholysis (so-called "oil-spot" discoloration) seen in the fingernails of a child with psoriasis.

    4. Scalp Psoriasis

      WebMD defines scalp psoriasis and explains its causes, symptoms, and treatments like special shampoos and conditioners.

    5. How to Handle Psoriasis in Sensitive Areas

      Psoriasis flares on areas like your face and genitals can be more embarrassing, painful, and harder to treat. Here are some things to consider.

    6. How to Pick a Topical Corticosteroid for Psoriasis

      Find out how to choose a corticosteroid that you put on your skin to treat the itchy, red patches that go along with psoriasis.

    7. Psoriasis: Emotional Support During Treatment

      Treating psoriasis can be stressful. WebMD offers tips for getting the support you need.

    8. Tracking Your Psoriasis Outbreaks

      Many people with psoriasis believe certain activities or substances may trigger their psoriasis outbreaks. Take these tips from WebMD for tracking your outbreaks to see if there are patterns that can help you reduce your psoriasis symptoms.

    9. The Emotional Toll of Psoriasis

      As a lot of people with psoriasis know, one of the worst aspects of having the condition is coping with other people's reaction to it. Learn more from WebMD about the emotional toll of having psoriasis.

    10. How to Take Care of Psoriasis on Your Hands & Feet

      Do you have painful blisters on the palms of your hands and on the soles of your feet? Find out how to treat the psoriasis on your hands and feet.

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