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    Excessive Sweating and Hyperhidrosis

    Excessive Sweating: A Mysterious Condition
    Excessive sweating isn't just a nuisance. It can shape your daily activities, and keep you from social events.

    10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Excessive Sweating

    1. 1.How severe is my hyperhidrosis?
    2. 2.Could my sweating be a sign of something more serious?
    3. 3.What are the benefits and risks of treatment?
    4. 4.Can I expect my hyperhidrosis to get better over time -- or worse?

    Medical Help for Hyperhidrosis and Excessive Sweating

    Hyperhidrosis Symptoms: Do You Need a Doctor?
    Is hyperhidrosis interfering with your personal, social, or work life? How can a dermatologist help? Find out what to do when sweating becomes a problem.
    Causes and Treatments for Hyperhidrosis
    You don't have to suffer embarrassing sweating forever. From special antiperspirants to medications to Botox, treatment can help.

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