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    Coping With Excessive Sweating

    How Much Sweating Is Too Much?

    Sweat naturally cools our bodies. A little sweat is good. What's too much?

    25 Tips to Cope With Sweating

    Tips to help you on the job, during exercise, at night, and on the town.

    When Excessive Sweating Signals a Problem

    Could Your Sweating Be the Sign of a Medical Problem?
    Excessive sweating could be the sign of an underlying medical condition. Could it be hyperhidrosis, diabetes, or a thyroid problem?
    Personal Chart: How Does Excessive Sweating Affect Your Life?
    Is sweating a minor concern, or does sweating affect your life in surprising ways? Don't sweat it! Print this chart to find out.

    When Excessive Sweating Leads to Body Odor

    Home Remedies for Body Odor
    First comes sweat. Then comes body odor. Yikes! What can you do? Try these home remedies for body odor.
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    What bothers you most about heavy sweating?