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    Understanding Blisters -- Treatment

    What Are the Treatments for Blisters?

    Most blisters caused by friction or minor burns do not require a doctor's care. New skin will form underneath the affected area and the fluid is simply absorbed. Do not puncture a blister unless it is large, painful, or likely to be further irritated. The fluid-filled blister keeps the underlying skin clean, which prevents infection and promotes healing.

    But if you need to pop a blister:

    Understanding Blisters

    Find out more about blisters:




    • Use a sterilized needle or razor blade (to sterilize it, put the point or edge in a flame until it is red hot, or rinse it in alcohol).
    • Wash your hands and the area thoroughly, then make a small hole and gently squeeze out the clear fluid.
    • If the fluid is white or yellow, the blister may be infected and needs medical attention.
    • Do not remove the skin over a broken blister. The new skin underneath needs this protective cover.
    • Apply an antibiotic ointment or cream.
    • Look for signs of infection to develop, including pus drainage, red or warm skin surrounding the blister, or red streaks leading away from the blister.

    How Can I Prevent Blisters?

    • Wear work gloves. Jobs you do only occasionally, such as shoveling snow or raking leaves, are great for raising a blister or two.
    • Break in new shoes gradually and put petroleum jelly or an adhesive bandage on areas that take the rub -- before the blister happens.

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