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Videos Related to Skin Problems and Treatments

  1. Video: Flesh Eating Bacteria

    There’s a deadly bacteria lurking in waters. How afraid should you be?

  2. What Attracts Mosquitoes?

    Are you a mosquito magnet? Research shows carbon dioxide, heat, alcohol, and genes could play a role.

  3. The Truth About Sunscreen

    How much do you really know about sunscreen? Learn when and how to apply it.

  4. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden on MRSA

    CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden discusses MRSA.

  5. Treatment Options for Psoriasis

    What are the treatment options for psoriasis, a non-contagious skin disorder that has no cure?

  6. Covering Psoriasis Outbreaks

    Learn effective ways to camouflage a psoriasis outbreak from a makeup and skin conditions expert.

  7. Healthy Feet

    For most people, keeping the skin on your feet healthy requires routine exfoliating and moisturizing.

  8. Acne Excoriee

    Some facial skin conditions can cause significant emotional impact requiring counseling and specialized makeup assistance from an “appearance therapist.”

  9. The Skinny on Warts

    Dispelling the myths about warts and wart removal.

  10. Dealing With Adult Acne

    Adult acne is a common disorder and studies show the emotional impact can be as severe as some major diseases.

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