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    1. Video: How to Manage Eczema Flare-Ups

      Justine Khanzadian shares how she battles eczema flare-ups with exercise.

    2. Video: How to Avoid Eczema Triggers

      How can you avoid an eczema flare-up? Use these tips to figure out what triggers them.

    3. Bathing Your Baby With Eczema

      Control and ease your baby’s eczema symptoms by using these bathing and moisturizing techniques.

    4. Caring for Your Baby With Eczema

      Our doctor answers questions about eczema and explains what parents can do to prevent flareups.

    5. Helping Your Child Live With Eczema

      Use these tips to show your child with eczema how to prevent flare-ups and keep skin calm.

    6. Video: Living With Psoriasis

      Felicia Storey explains how she got through depression after her psoriasis diagnosis and took charge of her skin condition.

    7. Video: Growing Up With Psoriasis

      Alisha Bridges has had psoriasis since she was a child. Watch her explain how she's overcome challenges the skin condition can pose.

    8. Fight Flare-Ups

      Avoid germs getting into cracked skin that may cause staph, strep, and full- body psoriasis flare-ups.

    9. Treatment for Psoriasis

      Learn about the best products and home remedies for your psoriasis.

    10. Care for Your Heart

      Psoriasis isn’t just a skin problem, it’s also a matter of your heart.

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