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    Videos Related to Skin Problems and Treatments

    1. Video: Flesh Eating Bacteria

      There’s a deadly bacteria lurking in waters. How afraid should you be?

    2. Preventing Fungal Skin Conditions

      How can you prevent athlete’s foot and other fungual skin infections?

    3. Dandruff Causes & Treatment

      Could the flaking and itching on your scalp be dandruff? What's the cause and why does it flare? Dermatologists explain.

    4. Tips to Control & Prevent Dandruff

      Dandruff can't be prevented, but it can be managed. Here are 5 tips to help keep flakes under control.

    5. Skin Fungal Infections

      Learn about common types of skin fungal infections, like ringworm, yeast and tinea versicolor, as well as some rare but dangerous types.

    6. Dandruff Treatment Strategies

      Confused by all the dandruff treatments available OTC and by prescription? Success comes with understanding the options.

    7. Athlete's Foot & Ringworm Facts

      Do you have the facts about ringworm, athlete’s foot and other contagious fungal skin infections?

    8. Video: What Lives on Your Skin?

      Let’s take a closer look at the human body and the billions of bacteria we host on our skin.

    9. Video: Why Do Some Men Go Bald?

      Guys, what’s causing your thinning hair? And is your mother’s side of the family to blame?

    10. Video: Why It’s Best Not to Pop a Zit

      Tempted to pop that annoying zit? See what happens when you do, and why your best bet is it to leave it be!

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