Entourage Cast Member Offers Hope

TV star Debi Mazar talks about sleep deprivation and how relaxation can restore balance in one’s life.

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I broke my foot skiing and had to hobble around.

How has being a parent changed you?

I never realized the amount of love I could possibly feel, so it's warmed my heart. It's made me grow as a woman and human being. I have more compassion for other people. The biggest lesson I've learned is patience.

What do you do for relaxation?

I travel and read. Reading is a luxury these days. I like biographies and I also like to lose my mind in fiction.

What is your best health habit?

Sleeping as much as possible, drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of foods rich in iron, minerals, and protein -- lots of leafy greens, tons of fruit juice, vegetable juicing, light sugar -- and always trying to maintain my skin to be creamed up and conditioned.

Your worst?

I really don't think I have one. At times, overindulgence in food and drink. But I don't think that's a bad habit. It's part of life, because you're supposed to have balance. Also, probably not enough sleep in my life. That's truly the one thing that breaks me down.

How might people transport themselves?

Through exercise, meditation, making sure you get a date night with your husband or girlfriends, making the effort to do something very simple that makes you happy.

What quality do you most desire in a doctor or health care provider?

When you have someone who's a good listener and cares, it makes all the difference for me.

Of the five senses, which do you value most?

Sight. I'm a visual person, I connect to things visually.

What happens when you're in Florence?

I gain history, I gain culture for my children. When I'm in Florence, I pretend I'm part of the Renaissance era. When I'm there, I live very simply. I've learned to relax.

Do you speak Italian?

Yes, but I'm not 100% fluent. My older daughter -- she's 4 -- is fluent. At that age, they're like sponges. My younger daughter is a year old.

Do you cook?