10 Ways to Reset Your Sleep Cycle


If you typically work the night shift but have the day off, go to bed later than normal, and wake up later, too. This will help you adjust more easily when it’s time to be up all night again.

5. Practice good bedtime habits. These can go a long way to helping you fall asleep faster:

     • Filter out noise. Use a white-noise machine to block sound when you sleep.

     • Keep a cool room. The best temperature for good sleep is 67-68 degrees, Thorpy says.

     • Avoid caffeine. Drinking coffee, soda, or tea after lunchtime can make you toss and turn at night.

     • Exercise daily. Get your heart rate up during the day to boost your odds of good sleep, or do yoga before bed to relax.

WebMD Feature Reviewed by William Blahd, MD on November 19, 2015



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