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Fighting Fatigue? Get a Better Life

Take Stock, Set Priorities, Take Care of Yourself

When Should You Worry?

If fatigue has lasted more than a month -- and your lifestyle is in fairly good shape -- then see a primary care doctor, advise both Mack and Horesh.

  • If blood sugars are chronically high, a sign of diabetes, you will feel chronically tired.
  • Cancer will also make you feel rundown. That's good reason to get routine screening mammograms and other screening tests.
  • Fibromyalgia, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases also have fatigue as a symptom.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome is more than it may sound. "The term is really misused. Many people think that if they're always tired, they have chronic fatigue. People who truly have it are completely debilitated, they are up and functioning only about two hours a day, just can't move otherwise -- severely fatigued."
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