Snoring - Home Treatment

Snoring typically is first treated at home. Treatment includes:

  • Losing weight. Many people who snore are overweight. Weight loss can help reduce the narrowing of the airway and possibly reduce or stop the snoring.
  • Limiting the use of alcohol and medicines. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or taking certain medicines, especially sleeping pills or tranquilizers, before sleep may make snoring worse.
  • Going to bed at the same time each night and getting plenty of sleep. Snoring may be more frequent when you have not had enough sleep.
  • Sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your side may stop the snoring. Try sewing a pocket in the middle of the back of your pajama top, putting a tennis ball into the pocket, and stitching it closed. This will help keep you from sleeping on your back.
  • Promptly treating breathing problems. Breathing problems caused by colds or allergies can disturb airflow, leading to snoring.
  • Using a breathing device while you sleep. It helps keep your airway open. This could be a device that you put in your mouth. Other examples include strips or disks that you use on your nose.
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