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    Sleep Disorders: When Bed-wetting Suggests a Problem

    Most children who wet their beds tend to have no other symptoms. Sleep apnea - when breathing stops for a few moments - or other sleep-related problems can be the cause, as can other medical or psychological problems. However, bed-wetting is typically a condition children outgrow when they have more bladder control.

    Signs of concern might include:

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    • Increased frequency or urgency
    • Burning on urination
    • Straining, dribbling, or other unusual symptoms with urination
    • Cloudy or pinkish urine, or blood stains on underpants or pajamas
    • Having to go to the bathroom to urinate more often than normal
    • Significant behavioral changes
    • Emotional outbursts or withdrawal

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    Reviewed by Roy Benaroch, MD on October 17, 2015

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