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  1. Switching to Smokeless Tobacco No Cure

    Feb. 14, 2007 -- Switching from cigarettes to snuff or chewing tobacco isn’t nearly as healthy as quitting tobacco altogether. A new study shows cigarette smokers who changed to spitting smokeless tobacco products are still more likely to die from tobacco-related diseases such as lung cancer and hea

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  2. Supersize Cigarette Warning Label?

    Feb. 6, 2007 -- American cigarette warning labels might be more effective if they were big and graphic -- like those in some other countries, according to a new study. The news appears in the March issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. In the study, researchers surveyed nearly 15,000

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  3. Area in Brain Key to Quit Smoking?

    Jan. 16, 2007 -- A stroke patient who quit smoking because his "body forgot the urge to smoke" may hold the key that unlocks the chains of addiction. That key appears to be a region on the right and left sides of the brain called the insula. The insula is thought to control conscious urges. One stud

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  4. Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

    If you're a smoker, the healthiest resolution you can make is to kick the habit. But kicking butts often goes hand in hand with weight gain. Is it possible to be both slimmer and smoke-free in the New Year? It can be done, experts say -- if you go about it the right way. First, consider this: Althou

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  5. Cutting Back Helps in Quitting Smoking

    Dec. 7, 2006 -- Not ready to quit smoking? You may change your mind if you cut back on cigarettes. A new review of the research shows that smokers who reduce their daily cigarette use often quit smoking completely, instead of permanently settling for fewer cigarettes. The finding is a controversial

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  6. Study: Quit Smoking, Don't Cut Back

    Nov. 28, 2006 -- If you're a heavy smoker, cutting back on cigarettes may not be drastic enough to boost your health. Instead, you may be better off quitting smoking completely. That's the key finding of a study in the December edition of Tobacco Control. Cutting back on cigarettes "does not seem to

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  7. Quitting Smoking Doesn't Add Pounds

    Nov. 14, 2006 (Chicago) -- If you're using fear of weight gain as an excuse to keep lighting up, you're in for a surprise. Quitting smoking will not affect your weight over the long-term, researchers report. "If you quit, you may gain an extra 4 to 5 pounds. Or, if you start, you may lose a few poun

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  8. Study: Teen Antismoking Ads Backfiring

    Oct. 31, 2006 -- What's the best way to convince a teenager that smoking is a great idea? Tell him his parents want him to stop. That's the rather disturbing suggestion of a study of teens who had watched tobacco-industry-funded television ads urging parents to talk to their children about smoking.

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  9. CDC: U.S. Smoking Decline Has Stalled

    Oct. 26, 2006 -- Nearly 21% of U.S. adults -- 45 million men and women -- smoked cigarettes last year, the same percentage as in 2004. And Kentucky claimed the prize as the smokiest state. The new statistics suggest "the 8-year decline in smoking prevalence among adults in the United States might be

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  10. Exercise Helps Smokers Quit

    Oct. 24, 2006 -- Exercise helps people quit smoking, Austrian researchers find. Nicotine replacement is one of the most useful tools for people who want to kick their cigarette habit. But kicking these kickers into high gear works even better, find Ralf H. Zwick, MD, and colleagues at Otto Wagner Ho

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