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  1. Antiphospholipid Syndrome

    Important It is possible that the main title of the report Antiphospholipid Syndrome is not the name you expected. Please check the synonyms listing to find the alternate name(s) and disorder subdivision(s) covered by this report. ...

  2. Thrombolysis

    WebMD discusses thrombolysis for breaking up blood clots, including types of treatment and their effects.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Stroke

    WebMD answers basic questions about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and outlook for strokes and transient ischemic attacks (TIAs).

  4. Understanding Stroke -- Diagnosis and Treatment

    Learn about the diagnosis and treatment of strokes from the experts at WebMD.

  5. Understanding Stroke -- the Basics

    Get the basics on stroke symptoms, causes, treatment, and prevention from the experts at WebMD.

  6. Understanding Stroke -- Prevention

    Learn how to prevent strokes from the experts at WebMD.

  7. Understanding Stroke -- Symptoms

    Understand the symptoms of stroke from the experts at WebMD.

  8. How Atherosclerosis Causes Half of All Strokes

    About half of all strokes are caused by atherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries caused by high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, and other factors. WebMD tells you what causes atherosclerosis and how to prevent it.

  9. Stroke Organizations

    WebMD provides links to stroke resources.

  10. 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Stroke

    If you've had a stroke, here are some key questions you may want to ask your doctor.

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