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  1. Drug Combo May Reduce Risk of Second Stroke: Study

    By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, June 26 (HealthDay News) -- After suffering a stroke or a mini-stroke, patients are usually given aspirin to prevent clots that can cause another stroke. Now a new study suggests that adding the drug Plavix (clopidogrel) to the mix can reduce the risk

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  2. 1 in 4 Stroke Survivors Suffers From PTSD: Study

    By Barbara Bronson Gray HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, June 19 (HealthDay News) -- Many of those lucky enough to survive a stroke find that they're soon faced with another serious challenge. Nearly one-quarter will develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a new study. The data

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  3. Your Stroke Risk Can Drop With 7 Lifestyle Changes

    By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, June 6 (HealthDay News) -- Certain lifestyle changes could greatly reduce your stroke risk, according to a new study. Researchers calculated stroke risk among nearly 23,000 black and white Americans aged 45 and older. Their risk was assessed using the Am

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  4. Living in Stroke Belt as Teen May Raise Future Risk

    By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, April 24 (HealthDay News) -- People who live in the so-called "stroke belt" during their teen years are at increased risk for stroke later in life, according to a new study. The stroke belt is an area in the southeastern United States with higher rates

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  5. Chronic Pain Often Follows Stroke

    By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, April 4 (HealthDay News) -- Chronic pain occurs often among people who have suffered the most common form of stroke, a new study finds. The finding pertains to ischemic strokes, which occur when an artery supplying blood to the brain becomes blocked. Acc

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  6. More Dietary Fiber Might Help Thwart Stroke

    By Alan Mozes HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, March 28 (HealthDay News) -- Eating more fiber-rich foods appears to lower stroke risk, according to a new British study. For every 7-gram bump in daily fiber consumption, an individual's risk for experiencing an initial stroke appears to plummet 7 percent,

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  7. Coffee and Green Tea May Help Lower Stroke Risk

    March 15, 2013 -- Green tea and coffee may help lower your risk of having a stroke, especially when both are a regular part of your diet, according to new research. The study looked at the green tea and coffee drinking habits of more than 82,000 Japanese adults, ages 45 to 74, for an average of 13 y

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  8. Eye-Tracking Tool Might Quickly Spot Stroke

    By Amanda Gardner HealthDay Reporter TUESDAY, March 5 (HealthDay News) -- The key to correctly diagnosing when a case of dizziness is just vertigo or a life-threatening stroke may be surprisingly simple: a pair of goggles that measures eye movement at the bedside in as little as one minute, a new st

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  9. Southern Diet Linked to Higher Stroke Risk

    Feb. 12, 2013 -- The South is known as the "stroke belt," and a new study reinforces one of the key reasons why: its diet. Those who ate the Southern diet about six times a week had about a 30% higher risk of stroke than those who ate it about once a month, says researcher Suzanne Judd, PhD. She is

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  10. Smoking Pot May Raise Stroke Risk in Young Adults

    By Mary Brophy Marcus HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Feb. 6 (HealthDay News) -- Smoking pot may double a young adult's risk for stroke, new research suggests, but experts point out the study is small and not conclusive. Scientists from New Zealand presented their data Wednesday at the American Stroke

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