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  1. 1 in 2 Stroke Survivors Has High Blood Pressure

    Feb. 2, 2012 -- A disturbing 47% of people who have had a stroke have poorly controlled high blood pressure, researchers say. "High blood pressure is the strongest risk factor for stroke, so you would think patients and their doctors would be vigilant about making sure blood pressure is under contro

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  2. Sunny Skies Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

    Feb. 1, 2012 -- People who live in sunny places may have a lower risk of stroke, new research suggests. The researchers believe it is the first to show an association between sunlight and stroke. A second study suggests eating a lot of salmon, eggs, tuna, and other vitamin D-rich foods may help prot

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  3. Study: Stents as Good as Surgery at Keeping Neck Arteries Open

    Feb. 1, 2012 -- A less invasive approach for clearing neck arteries of dangerous plaque works just as well as surgical treatment for most people at high risk of stroke, according to the largest comparison of the two procedures to date. Ninety-four percent of patients' arteries remained open two year

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  4. Magnesium-Rich Foods May Lower Stroke Risk

    Jan. 20, 2012 -- People who eat more foods rich in the mineral magnesium appear to reduce their odds of having a stroke, a new study shows. The link between magnesium in the diet and stroke risk was strongest for ischemic stroke, which is when a clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain. Researchers f

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  5. Magnet Therapy May Help Stroke Survivors Recover

    Dec. 14, 2011 -- It can be an all too common scenario for certain stroke survivors. They can’t see or recognize anything on one side of their body. This condition often occurs after a stroke on the right side of the brain and is typically treated with a combination of physical therapy and brain retr

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  6. Diet Loaded With Veggies, Fruits, Whole Grains May Cut Stroke Risk

    Dec. 1, 2011 -- Eating a diet loaded with antioxidant-rich vegetables, fruits, and whole grains may help women lower their chances of having a stroke -- even if they have a history of heart disease or stroke, a new study shows. Antioxidants are certain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that ma

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  7. 'Mini Strokes' Linked to Lower Life Expectancy

    Nov. 14, 2011 -- "Mini strokes," with symptoms that last just a few minutes or hours, are well-recognized warning signs for potentially deadly larger strokes. Now new research confirms that they are associated with a lower life expectancy. Survival rates after mini strokes, known medically as transi

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  8. Stroke Risk Profile May Also Predict Odds of Memory Problems

    Nov. 7, 2011 -- A screening profile used to gauge a person's chances of having a stroke may also give doctors an easy way to predict a person’s odds of having future memory and thinking problems, a new study reveals. This assessment tool is known as the Framingham Stroke Risk Profile (FSRP). It esti

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  9. Crossing Legs May Be Sign of Stroke Recovery

    Oct. 10, 2011 -- People who can cross their legs soon after a major stroke may have much better odds of a good recovery than those who cannot. A new study shows people who crossed their legs within 15 days of a severe stroke were less likely to die and more likely to be walking and independent compa

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  10. Chocolate May Cut Women's Stroke Risk

    Oct. 10, 2011 -- A healthy chocolate habit -- about two chocolate bars a week -- appears to help women reduce their risk of stroke, according to new research. The new Swedish study echoes previous research in men and women. It also adds new information. "The protection started at more than 45 grams

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