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    Embarrassing Body Problem No. 2: Burps, Hiccups, and Growls

    There you are in that business meeting with all the top brass. Just as you rise to give your presentation a loud growl is heard throughout the conference room. Yup, it's your stomach.

    Worse still, are the times you open your mouth to speak and a belch erupts or you get a case of the hiccups.

    What's going on? Daguilh says a combination of gas and irritation to the diaphragm come together to produce most, if not all of these symptoms.

    "Belches and growls are usually due to gassy foods; hiccupping is the result of an irritation to the diaphragm which can also be made worse by gassy foods," she says.

    Sadock says anxiety can magnify the problem.

    "Burping and hiccupping can come on when you swallow a lot of air, and that's very common when we're anxious. If you're a person who sighs a lot, then you probably swallow air when you're anxious," says Sadock.

    What can you do about it? The No. 1 defense is to cut down on gassy foods in the hours previous to when you want to be at your best. These include cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli, beans, and for some folks, dairy products and fried foods.

    "Only you know which foods are gassy for you, and it can be slightly different for everyone," Siegel tells WebMD. If your tummy growls when you're hungry, then eating light, bland meals before going out is a good defense, he says.

    Drinking more water also helps, Siegel says. "The GI tract is more likely to spasm when it's dry, so keeping well hydrated reduces the likelihood of hiccups, burps, and nervous coughs."

    Daguilh suggests limiting alcohol: "In some folks [it] can increase burps, belches and hiccups," she says.

    Embarrassing Body Problem No. 3: Excessive Sweating

    As the saying goes, "Never let 'em see you sweat." But wouldn't you know it, just when you want to project an image of cool confidence, "body central" has other ideas.

    "There are some people who actually have a problem with overactive sweat glands, but for the most part, excessive sweating that occurs only in certain situations is all about stress," says Siegel.

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