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    1. Herbal Remedies for Overactive Bladder

      If you’re curious about herbal remedies for overactive bladder, you’re hardly alone. The CDC says about 75% of people with the condition have turned to a complementary treatment at some point. Why do people go natural? Because their medical treatments don’t work, or they may have unpleasant side eff

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    2. At Work With Urinary Incontinence

      Carry on! Incontinence doesn't have to interrupt your work life. Simple steps make a difference. Try to keep you bladder empty. If it's full, it is more likely to leak. Drink no more than 3 or 4 glasses of liquids at work, and limit caffeine, which makes your body produce more urine. "You can go a l

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    3. 6 Diet Changes to Help You Handle Urinary Incontinence

      What you eat and drink can spare you some trips to the bathroom. Start with these six simple diet changes. "If you don't drink enough water, you can get dehydrated," says Jennifer Anger, MD, MPH, assistant professor of urology at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine. "But if you have incontinence

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    4. Tips to Help You Manage Urinary Incontinence

      A leaky bladder doesn't have to be a big deal. There are plenty of simple solutions you can try right away to curb your urinary incontinence. It may be a little bit awkward to discuss with your doctor, but asking for help can often make things better. "Doctors can always help someone deal with this,

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    5. The Emotional Side of Incontinence

      Incontinence is different from just needing to go to the bathroom. It's a sensitive issue that can cause a range of feelings. It's not a normal part of aging or something you have to just live with. And it can happen to anyone, both men and women, though it is not as common in men. There are steps y

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    6. Sex, Exercise, and Stress Incontinence

      Stress incontinence refers to when you leak urine during movement that puts pressure on your bladder. It can happen when you least want it -- like in the middle of a workout or during a romantic evening. But you can take steps to prevent it from happening again. "The problem, whether [it] occurs dur

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    7. 8 Ways to Tame Bladder Control Problems

      Bladder control problems aren’t something people like to talk about, but many people have them. Millions of U.S. adults have overactive bladder (OAB). And many of them also deal with incontinence -- the loss of bladder control that leads to leaking. “They might avoid participating in certain activit

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    8. Living With Overactive Bladder

      You're sitting in a meeting when you have the sudden urge to pee. Immediately. Or you can't sleep because your bladder wakes you up. Maybe you've canceled plans because you don't always make it to the bathroom on time. And you're embarrassed to talk about it. No need to feel shame, says Maude Carmel

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    9. Mistakes People With OAB Make

      You may not be able to cure overactive bladder, but with the right tools and know-how, you can control it. Many people who have OAB don't realize there are things they can, and should, do differently. The first and often biggest mistake a person with OAB makes is thinking they can't do anything abou

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    10. OAB Questions For and From Your Doctor

      If your daily schedule is dictated by frequent and sudden urinary urges that leave you scrambling for the nearest bathroom, and you haven't already been to see your doctor -- it's time to make an appointment to get your overactive bladder treated. Whether you see a primary care doctor, internal medi

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